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Become a Driving Instructor: Your Future Starts Here

Looking to embark on a new adventure? Better working conditions? Or the opportunity to be your own boss? Becoming a driving instructor could be the perfect career for you. With flexible work anywhere in the UK and potential earnings of over £35K a year, there is no better time to become a Driving Instructor. Our highly-qualified trainers are available nationwide to help you learn at your own pace. We can provide you with training whether you want to work with us or become independent. Learn how to become a Driving Instructor today. 

Why Become A Driving Instructor?

There are many different reasons why people decide to become driving instructors. It is a rewarding and varied career, providing you with the opportunity to meet a variety of people and have an impact on their lives. Whether you are looking for a career change, or are seeking a new challenge, becoming a Driving Instructor can open many doors for you. 

Be Your Own Boss - Become A Driving Instructor

As a Driving Instructor, you will be your own boss. You will be able to manage your own time and working hours, making important decisions to drive your career forward.

Work Life Balance - Become A Driving Instructor

We understand the importance of making time for things outside of work. As a Driving Instructor, you will be able to arrange work around your life, rather than your life around your work.

Flexible Work Across The UK

As a Driving Instructor, you’ll have the skills to work wherever life takes you. With flexible work across the UK, you will be able to deliver driving tuition if you decide to relocate.

Become An Expert - Become A Driving Instructor

Through our high-quality training course, you will gain a wealth of knowledge and develop your skills to become an expert driver.

Make A Difference - Become A Driving Instructor

As a Driving Instructor, you will have a positive impact on the lives of your pupils, by helping them achieve a major life goal.

Potential Earnings Become A Driving Instructor

Your potential earnings as a Driving Instructor are over £40K per year. You could enjoy earning on average, £1050 to £1400 per week.

What Our Instructors Have To Say

  • “The best thing about being a driving instructor is the feeling that I am doing a job that makes a difference to other peoples lives” – Jon from Manchester
  • “I’ve done so many other jobs, and yet I’ve never experienced job satisfaction like it” – Steve from Glossop. 
  • “Being my own boss and having the flexibility to work around my family commitments is the biggest positive for me” – Audrey from Fife. 
  • “Working with an established school has helped me enormously. My diary is always full and I can afford to have two holidays abroad each year” – Jim from Glasgow. 
  • “I decided to start my own driving school straight away. It was always my long term plan so I opted to start sooner rather than later. Pass Drive helped me through the early stages by supplying me with new pupils regularly. Now my business is self-generating with a constant flow of recommendations.” – Colin from Fife.

Your Potential Earnings As A Driving Instructor

HoursGross Earnings*Approximate Operating Costs**Weekly Income

* All figures based on our current rate for lesson prices of £29.00 per hour

** Operating costs include vehicle and pupil introduction fees

How To Become A Driving Instructor

There are 3 Tests to complete

There are 3 tests that you must pass to become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). These tests will test your theoretical driving knowledge, your driving skill and your ability to teach a pupil. We will provide you with high-quality training and resources to help you prepare for each of these tests. Helping you achieve your goal of becoming a Driving Instructor. 

Part 1: Theory and Hazard Perception

This is a multiple-choice test that will test your knowledge of the Highway Code, general driving and car knowledge, and instructional techniques. There will also be a Hazard Perception section which will test your awareness of developing hazards on the road. We will provide you with market-leading Theory Test resources to help you prepare and will support you throughout the process.

Part 2: Test of Driving Ability

This is a practical test, which will test your driving ability. You will have to demonstrate that you can drive safely and responsibly, in a manner you would teach your pupils. Our highly-qualified trainers will provide you with one to one practical driver training to help you hone your driving skills in preparation for the test. 

Part 3: Test of Your Ability To Instruct

This test is the final hurdle on your journey to becoming a driving instructor. The examiner will sit in the back seat of the car whilst you teach a pupil. You will be expected to provide your student with driving tuition and spot any mistakes. The examiner will be looking for you to come across as friendly, patient, knowledgeable and understanding. We will provide you with full instructor training before the test, allowing you to gain and develop your skills. 

Road Map to your new career

Join The Pass Drive Team

Once you have completed your Driving Instructor training, and have become an Approved Driving Instructor, you will have a guaranteed position within our driving school. Through joining the Pass Drive team, you will be provided with full marketing support. We will provide you with pupils and market your business for you to allow you to focus on teaching your pupils to become safe and responsible drivers. Additionally, you will have access to our fleet prices for brand new dual control cars, a profile on our website, and a wealth of opportunities to develop your career.

Join The Pass Drive Team

Driving Instructor Training

Training Costs

We will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you need to become a driving instructor through our high-quality training course. You will have full support and we will provide you with all your training resources and one to one tuition.

Once you have completed your training you will be self-employed, allowing you to work around your life. Our instructors earn an average of £600-£900 per week, but you can earn even more depending on the hours that you choose to work. Once you are qualified, there will be opportunities to progress your career through our corporate and fleet work. Becoming an instructor can open many doors for you, allowing you to be your own boss and work around your lifestyle. 

Becoming A Driving Instructor FAQs

Where do our driving instructor courses take place? 

We have high-quality trainers available across the UK and will be able to deliver training locally to you. In some cases, this is not possible, but we will be able to agree on a mutually beneficial location. We typically aim to do the training in the area that you will be taking your practical tests. 

 I work during the week. Will I still be able to do the training? 

Our ADI training course is designed to help you become a Driving Instructor in your own time and pace. We aim to fulfil your training requirements as much as possible.

How much can I earn as an instructor? 

As a Driving Instructor, you will have the potential to earn over £35k per year. Our full time Driving Instructors enjoy an average weekly earning of between £600 – £900. There is potential to make more than this depending on the hours that you choose to work. 

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