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What Is Eco Fuel Efficient Driving?

Eco Fuel Efficient Driving is a way of driving your vehicle that helps to improve fuel efficiency. Estimates suggest that uneconomical drivers use 30% more fuel on average, which has implications for your business and the environment. By driving in a more fuel-efficient manner, your employees can help your business save money and lower your carbon footprint. Eco Fuel Efficient Training can help you achieve this.

Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training helps to upskill road users, helping to make them safe and responsible drivers. The training has a focus on encouraging better use of the vehicle’s controls and developing the driver’s anticipation skills.

Improved fuel efficiency is the main benefit of this training, with drivers able to travel further using less fuel. Other advantages include reduced wear and tear on the vehicle, reduced emissions and reduced risk of accidents.

All of our corporate driver training courses are delivered through our sister company Advanced Driving Academy.

What Can Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training Do For You?

Fuel Efficient Driving Can Reduce Fuel Costs - Pass Drive Driving School

Whether you’re self-employed and drive for work, or have a fleet of vehicles on the road, our Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training Course can have a wealth of benefits for your business. As a society, we have become more environmentally aware, which has pressured many businesses to become more environmentally conscious. Through driving in a fuel-efficient manner, your employees help to reduce your business’ carbon footprint and help establish you as a ‘green’ brand. This can have a host of benefits, including customers viewing you more favourably. In addition to environmental factors, uneconomical drivers can cost your business money through increased fuel consumption.

Through our Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training Course, we can develop and upskill your employees to help them become safer and more fuel-efficient drivers. This will not only help them increase fuel efficiency but will help to reduce the strain put on your business’ vehicles and limit the risk of an accident. Overall, this will help to improve the service that you can deliver to your customers.

Our Eco Fuel Efficient Driving Course is tailored to suit your business needs and driver availability. We can supply you just a basic check on a drivers credentials along with a risk assessment to a full defensive/fuel-efficient driving presentation and practical one on one in-vehicle training.

We offer a 50 minute Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training Course promoting a fuel saving of up to 20% per driver. The reported average MPG improvement during the session is 14.8%.

We can provide this service for cars, vans, minibuses, buses and trucks.

Our Trainers

All our trainers hold the following two qualifications from the DVSA – (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency formerly DSA and DVLA)  Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and Approved Fleet Registered Trainer (AFRT). All classroom presenters will also have a formal teaching qualification. Additionally, our trainers are advanced drivers having passed a recognised advanced driving qualification such as ROSPA or IAM and hold the diploma for advanced driving instruction.

Benefits of Driver Training

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint With Our Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training Course - Pass Drive Driving School

The benefits of Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training are numerous. By creating safer more fuel efficient drivers, we can help reduce your business’ carbon footprint, save money and greatly reduce the risk of accidents occurring.

Improving a driver’s skills can effectively help reduce fuel consumption through better driving practices. This not only helps your employees drive further for longer, on a tank of fuel but can help save your business money. Additionally, your business will benefit from fuel-efficient drivers in a variety of other ways, including:

  • Introducing smoother use of the controls will reduce wear and tear
  • Teaching correct use of gears for smoother driving will reduce emissions
  • Reduces accident risk by increasing driver’s anticipation skills.

Each driver who completes our Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training Course will receive a certificate upon course completion.

The Energy Saving Trust

Pass Drive is an Energy Saving Trust approved driver training company authorised to deliver Eco Fuel Efficient driver training in most areas of England. All our Eco Fuel Efficient driver trainers in England are DVSA-registered fleet trainers. They have attended one of Energy Saving Trust Train-the-Trainer courses.

Our Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training is subsidised by the Energy Saving Trust. The subsidy payment allows us to offer this course at a lower rate than other training. As it is for 50 minutes and a set course, no other form of training or risk assessment/report can be given. We can however integrate the course into a longer course for defensive driving and/or risk assessment training sessions.

You do not need to claim the subsidy as we do all the work.

We also deliver Eco Fuel Efficient Driver Training in Scotland with EST trained trainers. The subsidy is no longer available in Scotland, however this should not deter any organisation wishing to cut fuel cost. We believe that the saving will generally cover the cost of the training in a very short time and is a worthwhile investment.

Please call and we will be happy to discuss your fleet requirements and offer a course specific to your needs.

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