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What Is A Driver Risk Assessment?

A Driver Risk Assessment is a way of ensuring that your employees possess the necessary skills and training required to drive for work. Employers have a legal responsibility under Health and Safety legislation, to ensure the health and safety of their employees and those affected by their work as far as reasonably possible. This also applies to those who drive for work, hence the importance of driver risk assessments.

Through having your driver’s assessed, you are not only satisfying Health and Safety Laws but gaining an insight into how your drivers operate your vehicles. This presents an opportunity to evaluate your drivers’ skills and identify where training is required. Through upskilling your employees’ driving skills, your business can gain a whole host of benefits.

All of our corporate driver training courses are delivered through our sister company Advanced Driving Academy.

What Can A Driver Risk Assessment Do For You?

Protect Your Employees and Your Business - Driver Risk Assessment - Pass Drive Driving School

Whether you’re self-employed and drive for work, or have a fleet of vehicles on the road, a Driver Risk Assessment can have a wealth of benefits for your business. As the number of drivers on UK roads increase, there is a greater risk of accidents occuring. In the year ending June 2019, the number of lives lost on our roads was a staggering 1,870. This was a 4% increase on the previous year. Addittionally, estimates suggest that 1 in 3 road traffic accidents involve people driving for work. Overall, this accounts for road traffic accidents costing individual businesses, on average, £6000 annually.

Through our Driver Risk Assessments, we can evaluate your drivers and identify areas where training may be necessary or advantageous. With safer drivers, you will limit the risk of accidents occurring, allowing you to deliver your services without disruption.

Our Driver Risk Assessment will cover a range of different topics, including a full explanation of Health and Safety when driving for work. Additionally, we provide licence, eyesight and vehicle checks, and a full written report following your employees’ assessment.

If further driver training is required or recommended, we can deliver a range of courses to suit your business needs and driver availability, including full defensive driver and fuel-efficient driver training.

We can provide this service for cars, vans, minibuses, buses and trucks.

Our Trainers

All our trainers hold the following two qualifications from the DVSA – (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency formerly DSA and DVLA)  Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) and Approved Fleet Registered Trainer (AFRT). All classroom presenters will also have a formal teaching qualification. Additionally, our trainers are advanced drivers, having passed a recognised advanced driving qualification such as ROSPA or IAM, and hold the diploma for advanced driving instruction.

Benefits of Driver Training

Safer Drivers Provide Better Service - Driver Risk Assessment - Pass Drive Driving School

Our Driver Training Courses aim to help you and your business effectively manage your work-related road safety and raise the skill level of your drivers. Through our training courses, you will not only demonstrate your duty of care as an employer, but you will also gain a host of other benefits. Should further training be required, following a Driver Risk Assessment, your business may benefit from: 

  •  More skilled drivers, with better driving techniques and standards. 
    • Promoting a positive brand and company image. 
  • Fewer accidents and lower running costs.
    • Which may contribute to lower insurance premiums. 
  • Minimal driver risk when driving at work. 
    • Which may contribute to reduced driver injury and absence. 
  • Lower environmental emissions.
    • Which can help limit wear and tear damage on your vehicles and tyres. 
    • Contribute to lower fuel costs. 
    • Promote a positive image for being greener and more eco-friendly. 
  • More vehicles on the road, due to the need for less maintenance and repairs. 

Contact us today to find out how we can help your business flourish with our bespoke Corporate Driver Training Courses. Drive your business forward, with safe and responsible drivers. 

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