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Intensive Driving Courses in Kirkcaldy

Intensive Driving Courses in Kirkcaldy

Learn to drive with intensive driving courses in Kirkcaldy. Courses range from 10 hours to 40 hours.

If you are not sure how many hours you will need, just call us and we can get you out for an assessment lesson where we can discuss which of our intensive driving courses in Kirkcaldy is right for you.

Pass Drive take care of it all for you, from arranging your schedule to booking your driving test. You will be driving a modern, clean and presentable car with a very experienced and friendly driving instructor.

Morgan (Pictured above) successfully completed an intensive driving course in Kirkcaldy recently and is now driving independently.

Book your intensive driving course now and gain your independence.


Highway Code Changes 2022

As of January 29th, 2022, there was a variety of changes made to the Highway Code ( What is the Highway Code? The highway code is a set of rules, advice, and guidance that were given to keep road users and pedestrians safe. These rules have been in place since

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tips for driving in winter

Tips for Driving in Winter

As we come into the winter months it is important to understand the different challenges driving in winter brings. Driving in winter can be challenging even for skilled drivers. There are many different types of winter weather that can cause hazards on the road, such as snow, rain, ice, and

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New Trailer Towing Rules Update – 2021

Following the announcement from the DVSA on the evening of Friday 10th September 2021, the rules regarding trailer towing are set to change. The DVSA will no longer be conducting B+E car and trailer tests from the 20th of September 2021. As it stands, there has been no change in

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First Driving Lesson

What To Expect From Your First Driving Lesson

Looking forward to your first driving lesson? With the big day fast approaching, you should take the time to make sure you’re prepared. This is the beginning of an exciting period in your life, as you start your journey to become a safe and responsible driver. It can be nerve-wracking,

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Theory Test

How To Pass Your Theory Test

On your journey to gaining your driving licence, you will need to pass two tests; the theory test and the practical driving test. Both of these tests can be challenging in their own way, but today we’ll be focussing on how to pass your theory test. The theory test should

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