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Why Become A Driving Instructor?

Thinking about a career as a driving instructor? There is a wide range of benefits to becoming a driving instructor. From being your own boss, and choosing your own hours, to meeting a wide variety of people and having an impact on their life, no day is the same. If you enjoy driving and helping people achieve their goals, there’s no better career for you. 

To become a driving instructor, or ADI (Approved Driving Instructor), you’ll need to pass the examination, which comes in three separate parts. This requires you to complete training, to help prepare for each of the three tests and pass with flying colours. 

Although you will likely already possess some of the skills a driving instructor needs, we can help you develop these further and gain new skills in the process. This can be a fulfilling career, with plenty of progression opportunities, and the ability to earn, while doing what you love. 

What Are The Basic Requirements? 

Before you get started with training, you’ll need to meet the basic requirements. You must be: 

  • Aged 21 or over.
  • A qualified driver, holding a clean driving licence for at least 3 years. 

Providing that you meet the basic requirements, you’ll be able to complete the checks and get started with training. 

What Skills Do I Need To Become A Driving Instructor? 

What skills do I need to become a driving instructor

A wide range of people from a variety of different backgrounds have found becoming a driving instructor to be a rewarding change in career. Like most other people who have become a driving instructor, you have likely gained some of the necessary skills throughout your working life. We will be able to help you develop these skills and gain new ones through training. 

Excellent driving knowledge and the ability to teach are a given. It’s equally important to be an effective communicator and be patient and adaptable. 

What Training Will I Need To Become A Driving Instructor?

To help prepare for each of the three tests, you will need to undertake some driving instructor training. This training will focus on helping you develop the skills to become an ADI, and will provide you with the grounding to forge your new career. We will help you develop your theoretical driving knowledge, upskill your driving ability, and learn how to instruct pupils safely and responsibly.  

Why Become A Driving Instructor?

There are many benefits to becoming a driving instructor, which help to make it an enjoyable and rewarding career. 

Be Your Own Boss

Become a driving instructor and be your own boss

As a driving instructor, you’ll have the opportunity to be your own boss. You will be able to choose the hours that you work, and your days off, allowing you to focus on what’s important to you. This will allow you to manage your own time effectively, and make the decisions to drive your career forward. 

Improved Work-Life Balance

Becoming a driving instructor allows you to be your own boss. This means that you will be able to manage your work around your life rather than your life around work. An improved work-life balance increase job satisfaction, and allows you to work flexibly around your schedule. No day as an ADI is the same, ensuring an enjoyable and varied career. 

Flexible Work Across The UK

As an ADI, your skills and expertise allow you to work wherever life takes you. You will be able to deliver high-quality driving tuition anywhere in the UK, allowing you to continue teaching, even if you decide to relocate. 

Become An Expert

Through your training, you will develop your current skills and gain new ones. You will not only become an expert driver with exceptional road knowledge, but you will develop a range of transferable skills as well. You will become an effective communicator, through meeting and teaching a wide variety of people. Additionally, you will develop skills in time management and adaptability.

Make A Difference 

Learning to drive is a key stage in any learner’s life. This means that you’ll be helping your pupils achieve their goals, making a difference in their lives. Through your career, you will be helping to improve the lives of people within your local community. This will help ensure high job satisfaction. 

Potential Earnings

As an ADI, you could enjoy earnings of over £40K per year. With a constant stream of pupils, and the ability to choose the hours you work, becoming an ADI can help to drive your career forward. Our full-time instructors typically earn on average between £600 to £900 per week.  

Contact Us About Becoming A Driving Instructor

If you have any questions or would like some more information on becoming a driving instructor, we’d love to hear from you. Please call us on 0800 371055, email:, or speak to us on our LiveChat.


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